I’ve Never been skiing


Never been on the piste

Water skiing maybe

Moving on from Tangiers,  I must confess I have never been skiing,on snow at least. I water skied a few times in my 20s at Gosfield lake.


When I worked briefly at Stansted, as a baggage handler I loaded a lot of aircraft off to the piste as well as sunnier climbs.

Why am i thinking this, watching the snow falling outside. The nearest I have been was a birthday treat for my niece at the MK dome in Milton Keynes and tgat was on a sledge.

Too old to have been skiing

I think it maybe a little late for my chances of joining that fraternity that have learnt to ski, as i dont think my knee would take it.  I am sure the principle is pretty similar of dropping into something similar to Horse stance, in martial arts terms

My idea of a holiday to be entirely honest is one that involves a beach or a pool not strapping long dticks on my feet and hurtling down a hillside without any brakes.

I also know someone who broke a bone on each skiing trip he went on, according to legend at least.
Having just been out in the fresh snow from this weekend I still don’t get it, I don’t mind watching Ski Sunday or similar but I don’t think I’ll ever be on them myself.

You may say it’s a young man’s game or you might think it is no longer about 2 skies it’s about or a snowboard, or maybe you’re into mogels whatever it maybe fir you come on tell me whats so great about it.

Whether the piste is ever to tempt me i’m not certain and I always say “I’ve never been skiing!” but maybe you can persuade Tim the co owner of the site and I that it’s not too late for us.

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