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 V FESTIVAL and other Festivals

We all know that times have changed the big music festivals

  • V
  • Reading
  • Leeds
  • Glastonbury (which is going to have a gap year in 2018) ]
  • isle of Wight

I could list them all but that would be boring. There are still the Stadium rockers such as U2, but most of your popular bands today will be at the Music festivals however although i would indeed like to go one day, maybe if Queen appear, or the killers or kings of Leon return to the Festivals.


Hylands park Chelmsford Rocking out at V fest

Hylands part annual take over, V festival

Chelmsfords annual take over via the Hylands park sees spikes in activity at the local leisure centre Riverside Ice and Leisure even if it is only for shower facilities, but depending on the weather the pool can also be busy and of course Chelmsford it self gains from the festival over the entire weekend.

But as i say i have never been, i had the opportunity to “work” it a few years ago as one of my friends knew one of the security teams but i had not the relevant certification even though i was and still am, ex RAF police trainee.

One day i will achieve my bucket list, goal of attending a festival even if it is for just one day, but then although i still love Queen, its not the same without the flamboyant Freddie Mercury and my music taste stretches from Pink Floyd thru Genesis to, as i say, The Killers and Kings of Leon.

But then the re emergence of Tears for Fears and Electric Light Orchestra is interesting, i wonder what they have that the majority of the 90s bands don’t to hold their longevity, is it the timeless nature of their lyrics or that their albums meant something, rather than just being about anxst or a specific time or event.

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