Just one place Japan 


The home of the Samurai

I know it’s another country, but apart from being one of the Technology centres of the world, Japan is home to the ancient warrior code of Bushido and it’s Samurai practitioners of old at least but had influences as recently as world war 2, Failure is not an option!

Failure would most likely see the Samurai commit Hiri-kiri seen as noble but in effect assisted suicide.

The samurai were the noble class but the ninja were the peasant class and banned from having weaponry they are the source of many if the martial arts weapons we see today, Nunchukas came originally from horses Bits, for the record the metal in their mouth not the swingers between the legs. Quarterstaff could be the handle of any tool used to work the land.

Although the founding if martial arts is believed to have come from China and the Shaolin monks, the Japanese took and refined aspects to create Karate and other countries, Tae kwon doe or kung pao silat the only warrior codes the world is aware of are the Chinese Shaolin monks a d the Japanese Samurai and their nemesis the Ninja.

Japan, an island nation just like the uk, but much larger and consists of 3 islands with cities such as it’s capital Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka is also the home of much of the Technology of the world, game consoles such as Nintendo or Sony’s PlayStation and much of the mobile phone tech originates in Japan.

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