Just one place Amsterdam


From Amsterdam to Rotterdam

This week’s just one place is a country again, sorry my rules so I can change them! That country is Holland or the Netherlands. 

Whether it Amsterdam or Rotterdam or the alegedly open attitude to cannabis or the sex trade. 

Most dutch people I’ve ever met seemed so laid back if they were any more laid back they’d fall flat on their back. 

I am really uncertain what the draw of the Netherlands is but it has something, almost a mystique about it. 

Whether it’s the cities, the football with such legends as Ajax or the infamous dikes and windmills of the famously flat country. 

Schipol airport in the Capital Amsterdam brings you in to a city with a good night life, the canals offer tours and is, or at least was, the stag night capital of Europe. 

Or the picturesque southern province of Leiden  with the Botanical gardens of Hortus Botaniccus. 

Then there’s Delft with its science centre and world renowned earthenware. 

Holland may only be a small country but it packs a big punch across the tourist range apart from Hills of course. As i say it could be the nightlife or the “coffee shops” (not my thing) although I do like coffee. 

But then in researching this article I have learnt the location of Delft. This post may seem a little glib but I truly am not sure why I’m so curious of Holland and no it’s neither the drugs nor the sex trade lol

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