Just one place in Scotland, Inverness and Loch Ness

Loch ness the home of nessy

Loch Ness Having chronicled a few of those places i have either seen or would like to see, and would be the one place in each country i would like to visit, in this series Just one place  I come to Scotland, and there can only be one place of extreme interest Loch Ness, just outside Inverness.

mapping the area

The loch is the scene of the legendary Loch Ness Monster, Nessy, and any resident of the UK knows of her legend, and the alleged sightings, and the hoaxes. I recall thinking one of the sightings, could have been the head of a Viking Long boat.

The Loch is the scene of many a romantic view of the monster, hunting for her etc, but then to have loved do long would she not need to have had a partner, and reproduce to continue their reign. I would like to think she exists but the facts stack up against her.

Scotland, from what i have seen of her, is beautiful having seen Loch Lomond after passing thru or near to Glasgow, on 2 occasions both times on route to Inverary, but Loch Ness still holds that draw for me, i am not sure if it is the beauty of it, the legend or the Angler in me, but i have to acknowledge that there is a draw of some kind to the castles on her banks such as Urquart Castle the ruins of which sit on the A82 which meanders along the Loch eventually finding its way into Inverness,

At her deepest the Loch stands a massive 226 meters deep, and stretches 37 kilometers.i have only once come across anything so deep and that i detailed in Just one place in ireland Lough Derg whos own legends were possible of pike going 100lb plus, so who is to deny the legend of Nessy i certainly will not categorically say she does not exist.

I suppose in writing this i reveal the Draw of the Loch for me, must indeed be Nessy, and the sightings of her, and there is now a Tv series on her banks of a murder mystery the loch but even in this itv Drama there is still a nessy hunter, but then a prank seems to suggest the death of Nessy.


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