Woodhead Pass Derbyshire 

Driving Joy

Is this the most enjoyable drive in England

The Day Job

My day job sees me driving around 1500 miles a week, not a lot compared to the trunkers of the UK. However Monday I had an unexpected journey to Manchester in a van, thankfully.

I programmed my sat-nav and followed it’s guidance.

The Woodhead Pass

As I turned off the M1 north of Sheffield little did I know that I was about to have one of the most enjoyable drives of my life let alone my professional career

I didn’t know it but the Woodhead Pass Derbyshire laid out ahead of me and the views were amazing. 
The angler in me was wondering how I would fish the waters in my eyeline.

The Woodhead Pass Derbyshire is certainly my idea of a must drive a twisting, turning route that reveals a new fantastic view.

must drive

Here’s an idea, Top Gear Style what are your favourite drives, im not talking fastest but awesome views or tests of driving skill, maybe like me Snowdonia where looking out to one side all you see is a drop down the Mountain. It can be anywhere in the world.

I also wrote about the fantastic drop into Whitby last summer another must drive.

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