What does Christmas Time mean to you

Where are you going to spend Christmas Time this year, are you flying over seas, are you taking the Kids to Lapland to see Santa and his Reindeer.

Sunnier climbs

Are you maybe off to spend Christmas in Australia or America if you are lucky enough to have family in hotter climbs?

White Christmas

Are you going somewhere where you don’t have to “Dream of a white Christmas!” and can actually guarantee yourself one.

Tell Us About it your plans

Tell us at Friendlytravelguide about your plans or the pros and cons of the trip,

  • Was Santa a everything he was supposed to be.
  • how was your flight
  • Any Anecdotes you might wish to share to make us laugh

I am not asking you to get personal and slate the family Christmas meal, or malign family members, lets be clear about that. However what I would like is your recommendations or even avoid for the future stories.

Anything you might want to share with the world, about how the trip went. What went well or what didn’t go so well. What was a complete flop or what unusual thing did you experience.

My most unusual experience was Seal spotting around 1996 in Scotland with my Brother and the only time i have also experienced Hogmanay.

Alternatives to Christmas Time

I am aware that some of you don’t celebrate Christmas itself, maybe Jehovas witness, Islam or the many other religions, however we are all on Winter Holidays, and you can all share your stories if you wish. The one thing i must ask is keep things positive.

You might have some anecdotes, from Christmas’ past like my one above, but I am sure you all have a story to share, either comment here or email us at Friendly at you will see your stories with full credit added to the site.

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